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Atlas™ 1200D (Hi-Density Wood Construct)

An eco-friendly alternative material made from
100% natural ingredients without plastic or other petroleum derivatives. It is developed for several decades with the sole purpose of creating the ultimate wood product meant for musical instruments replacing the usage of exotic and endangered species.

Its main ingredient, the European Pinus Radiata are known to be one of the fastest growing and easily harvested. With dozens of patented processes, the wood fibers are then undergo a change in texture, density, and hardness creating a superior wood product even compared to its natural counterparts.

This engineered wood fiber is resistant to warp, rot and humidity changes. With its consistent density and hardness, it displays the strength and rich "snappy"  sonic resonance never heard from any  regular organic wood. 

Atlas has been the key elements that drives GOC Guitars in its mission to push eco-friendly guitars using green sustainable products. Atlas has different levels and grade depending on usage. GOC Guitars will be offering the highest grade of Atlas 1200D to guitars needing darkened fretboards in the late 2021.

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