ATLAS™ - Enhanced Patented Wood Composite

Atlas™ was named after a Titan, a god who bore the sky aloft. A Titan personified a superior display of endurance, he was condemned to carry the weight of the heavens upon his shoulders.

Atlas™ was especially made for GOC Guitars by Blackwood Technologies, Dr. Branko Hermescec dedicated 40 years of wood science research, he then spent the last 22 years developing this superior wood product. His mission is purely focused on sustaining natural resources and avoid the use of endangered wood species to get to the point of no return, which we would like to believe that there is still hope. Atlas™ is made of high density plant fibers, mainly from northern European pine (pinus radiata) an FSC sustainable wood. The process is meant to replicate and substitute or even to exceed the quality of exotic woods such as ebony and rosewood. The creation of the material itself is very sophisticated, while natural additives have been used to seal the wood at a cellular level, with no plastics nor petroleum products. The process makes the wood an astounding 5% consistent moisture thru decades and will not change no matter how much the wood is exposed to sudden temperature changes or humidity, this also makes the wood highly resonant and have the "snappy" characteristics. Atlas™ is predictable, extremely stable, highly resonant, dimensionally consistent, predetermined density, stainable, and can be painted or finished with oil like most wood products. 

With your help, together we can help save the environment! 

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