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Cody Avann

Guitarist/Composer (Canada)

I've been playing guitar since I was 15. I've played in many bands over the years and have been lucky enough to open up for some amazing bands such as Beneath the Massacre, and Whitechapel.

I have a huge passion and love for all areas of music, but my primary focus has been modern metal and writing orchestral scores. I write, record, and mix all my work. I am currently working on my first solo EP with 2 singles out at the moment. I also do a lot of digital art and sometimes I blend my two passions of art and music together.

Music to me has always been about sharing a story and connecting with others. Whether its through the heaviest riffs or the softest melodies seeing people come together for the love of music is a beautiful thing. I first came across GOC Guitars when I was in the market for a new headless. I've always loved the aesthetics and ergonomics of headless guitar but GOC's striking designs caught my attention and I knew I needed to try one immediately. I picked up my first GOC Vajra 7 and fell in love right away. It looks amazing but played even better but what really stood out to me was how GOC shows so much love to their community. I love checking GOCs social and seeing all these amazing musicians among the community doing what they love. This company makes us feel like a big family. GOC makes amazing instruments but they connect us in a beautiful way.

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