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Some known questions from people.

Q: What does GOC Guitars stands for?
A: It was "Grumpy Old Cat" before but we change it to "Guitar One Collective" after taking               over.

Q: What inspired you to design guitars this way?

A: We redesigned the models based on our idea of the universe and it's most simple form of               matter, from the smallest miniscule to the vastest of the vast. We believe nature's intelligent           design and positivity and we want to bring these simplest ideas to the most bashing genre in         the history and evolution of music. Our guitar names are also based on this principle. To gain       you must lose.

Q: Where is GOC Guitars located?
A: We are located in Qingdao City in the Shandong province, China

Q: How long has GOC Guitars been established?

A: GOC Guitars was established 2008, it was created by the Neko Guitars for their custom shop.

Q: Is GOC Guitars still associated with Neko Guitars?

A: Since 2017 of November, GOC Guitars has been re-established and is no longer part of Neko       Guitars, we took ownership of the brand and the customshop models under the GOC Guitars         brand from it's former owner. 

Q: Is GOC Guitars made in China?

A: You can say that we are made in China since production is located within. We however build         guitars responsibly, we are Americans yet to be accurate, it is best to keep the "made in                 China". What's more important to us is the quality and time we put in the builds.

Q: Do you accept custom orders?

A: We do accept limited of 5 custom orders. We have to finish one of them to open another slot.

     Custom orders are required to send all the parts that will go to the guitar. NO EXCEPTIONS!       This is to guarantee full setup and warranty on the instrument.

Q: How long does it take to finish a custom build?

A: Most likely 60 business days. I somehow learned that China has many holidays and some             holidays takes A WEEK! This being said, when a holiday is about to come we advise people         the delay that may happen. (if we get bored with the holiday, we work unless its an American       holiday)

Q: Why are your guitars so cheap?

A: We would not say cheap, preferably "competitive". Before we took the GOC Guitars brand,            the founder asked us to keep the primary objective and that is to help everyone get quality            guitars at a musician's price. This is how we got the rights on all models, otherwise he will            not give nor sell to us.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We accept returns for guitars that arrived in a client before 30 days. If issues arises, we will           work with the client as long as they did not made any changes with the instrument. Any                 modifications may void warranty. 

Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: We ship worldwide, anything outside China is $65usd expedited flat rate. You are responsible       for your custom duties.

Q: Do you have any endorsement deals?

A: No. We believe that instruments are well taken care of if they are acquired thru patience and         hard work.

Q: Do you sell kits that I can build?
A: Only to those proven guitar techs and luthiers, these instruments are not meant for beginner           project guitarists. We are doing this to save you headaches and ours.


Q: Do you accept endorsers?

A: Yes we do, tho we make it more open. You can be on our list of artists, no paper works                 needed. You can use whatever guitar brands you want at your leisure. We however will only         share medias that shows our instrument being used.

Q: Do you have official distributors?
A: Not at the moment, this helps us price our guitars this way and cut down the middleman. We         may have dealers for limited or master-grade models.