• This is just a top-quality guitar! The design is stunning and the woodwork is amazing. I love the feel and playability. The neck is very comfortable and the fretboard allows a very fast playing. Despite the long shipping (that, to be honest, took less than expected, less than 2 weeks) the guitar came perfectly tuned and settled. The frets are perfectly leveled and polished. Now, after having plugged the guitar to the amp, I can only say WOW! The 4th dimension pickups are very aggressive but clear, great for sparkling cleans and punchy for the most extreme metal playing. This guitar is worth at least double its price. I’d definitely buy another one! (G***e - Italy 16 Jan 2020 15:12)

  • Incredible build quality and sound. One of the best guitars you’ll ever own. Go buy one. (P***r - Philippines 28 Dec 2019 01:10)

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