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Dan Cole

Guitarist/Composer (Fractures in the Sky - UK)

Guitarist from the north of England composing, recording and producing progressive metal/djent with ambient and post rock elements since 2008. He produces covers of songs from video games, tv and film which he released regularly on YouTube.


Since 2018, Dan has released all of his music under the name Fractures in the Sky. With 7 EPs and 2 Albums as of 2020, constantly recording and releasing new material, which can be found using the links below.


Dan is playing with and producing Alternative Rock band 11:11 and has previously toured the U.K. with Country Rock artist Kira Mac. 


Currently using: Materia CS, Valkyrie 6 and Valkyrie PME 7


‘I fell in love with my Valkyrie as soon as I got it. GOC guitars rival the biggest brands in terms of build quality and tone. Don’t just take my word, try them yourself and you’ll see what I mean!" - Dan Cole (Fractures in the Sky)

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