Our Green Journey

Dating back to 2018, we have started to allocate funds for the research and development of composite materials that are primarily made from eco-friendly substances such as recycled wood fibers and natural adhesives. Not too long, we found a company that specializes in making such materials thus the Atlas was introduced. These materials greatly replicate the image of endangered wood species like ebony and rosewood while having hardness and stability superior to any wood known in the current market. Atlas has played a vital role in building our guitars primarily necks and fretboards to this day.

Fast forward to 2022, the brand is stronger than ever. Our journey is still on track yet bolder and more sophisticated.  This time, the GOC team along with highly experienced manufacturing companies will be working on recycled materials such as paper and plastics. Plastics have been an ongoing global problem and it just not going away. This might be a problem for most but a brilliant answer for some. How often do you throw guitars in a trash bin a year? Let alone buy one? The plastic's abundance and resilient characteristics might be the secret ingredient to creating highly stable, durable material in the history of guitar building. this idea is plausible.

The GOC team is taking this very seriously and will be working on it until we create something extraordinary while tending to our obligations to the future of our environment. A man's trash is definitely another creative man's treasure.



- Acquire higher density Atlas material.

- Atlas 1200D tested and passed; fit for fretboards but adds an extra weight for necks.

- Finding a replacement for Styrofoam material for shipping guitars across the globe safely.

- Find an alternative solution; needs to undergo rigorous tests (impact etc).

- Finding a wood replacement for body, neck, and fretboard (completed)
- Communicated with manufacturers, RoHS compliant with other certificates included.

- Testing materials density, texture, stability

- Richlite / Bakelite 1.5 hardness (for fretboard use only); humidity resistance; available in black. Atlas:M will be used on necks.

- Prototyping: Building guitar parts from subjects.

- In progress, adhesion passed test; current parts in progress (body, neck, fretboard)