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Green Innovation

Project - AUG:

From the word "augmentation". The mission to deliver the best version of an instrument. We have been investing in researching technologies both in the guitar building industry and engineering. Project - AUG is to bring in unconventional yet proven to work ideas to our guitars, and create something superior in terms of durability, performance, and aesthetics. Project: AUG goes hand in hand with our Project: ECO


Project - ECO: 


The GOC team along with highly experienced manufacturing companies have been working on recycled materials such as paper and polymers. Plastics have been an ongoing global problem and it just won't go away. This might be a problem for most but a brilliant answer for some. How often do you throw guitars in a trash bin a year anyway? The plastic's abundance and resilient characteristics might be the secret ingredient to creating highly stable, durable material in the history of guitar building while taking away some from the cycle, giving it a new life and purpose of becoming part of an instrument to be enjoyed for years to come if not decades. This idea is plausible (I think). The GOC team is taking this very seriously and will be working on, creating something extraordinary while tending to our obligations to the future of our environment. A man's trash is definitely another creative man's treasure.

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