The rules we go by
(Read and understand before you apply)

- The applicant must have an instrument created by GOC Guitars with a strong belief the instrument is utilized on his/her journey in music (no exceptions). We, the GOC brand believe that endorsement is like being part of a family, an applicant should build a "connection" with the instrument before even taking a step to writing your application. There is no point in endorsing something that you know nothing and worse case DO NOT enjoy playing. If you do not have any of our instruments, your application will be denied. 

- The applicant must be an active musician, on social media platforms and or out in the field with a substantial amount of followers. This brand has grown through social media and we respect them all the same.  Applicants must have a strong sense of responsibility for developing themselves, with the consistency in sharing professional materials both visual and or audio. 

- Discounts or free guitar for an endorsement? The last thing we would like to hear from someone is initially inquiring about free stuff or discount. That is the other way around of showing interest and support. People tend to put more value on things they earned through efforts than those they acquire for nothing. All our artists started out as clients and buyers, they paid for their instrument, believed in them and endorsed them because they find that "spark". 

- Artists have the freedom to use whatever instrument they prefer, while we have the freedom to only promote content related to our brand. Paperworks aren't necessary.


- Artists are to be responsible for their actions, you represent the brand, we condemn discrimination and abuse.

- Applications will be reviewed by the GOC Team. The team reserves the right to reject or move forward. Owning our instruments does not guarantee endorsement.

As a brand, we take great care and responsibility to all our artists. We treat them as a family and this is why we carefully select artists that align with our core belief as our team is small compared to other brands. We are to make sure that we have enough attention for those in the roster.    

- The GOC Team

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