Kate Freud

Endorsement: Fokin Pickups

A guitarist and composer from Russia who loves pink guitars and have a distinct candy kawaii style. Despite the bubbly princess-like sweet image, her music is technically heavy. With mixture of crushing breakdowns, syncopated djenty riffs and J-pop inspired melodic hooks, Kate delivers face-melting music despite the fairy tale image.

She have released 3 singles and am currently working on my debut EP.

"My GOC Vajra is my current main instrument and was absolutely love at first sight. The moment I picked it up, I knew that this pink beauty will be my favorite chug-machine from now on! The neck shape is great for me, the overall resonance is really deep and satisfying, and together with the headless design and ideal pink color, this guitar is definitely the instrument I dreamt about and finally got to own!" - Kate


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