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Ricky Valentino

Guitarist, Composer (Ricky Valentino - Indonesia)

JTC Jam of the Month (March 2022 winner)
MGF Ibanez Guitar Contest (winner)
Jombang Guitar Competition 2020 (winner)
Bogren Digital Contest 2022 (2nd place)

Ricky Valentino is a metal guitarist who likes to explore extreme guitar techniques, inspired by his favourite technical death metal and progressive metal bands such as Obscura, Necrophagist, Symphony X, and many more.

Starting to play at the age of 12, Ricky learned guitar from his father, friends and local music communities. He later took a year break from school to advance his guitar playing in Rotus Metal Central, accompanied by Innu Killharmonic as his guitar instructor.

Ricky is often seen participating in both local and international guitar solo competitions.

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