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Sho Hikino

Sho Hikino is a multi-instrumentalist, music arranger, live and studio sound engineer, and producer based in the Philippines. As a guitarist, his ability to weave intricate, groovy riffs and buoyant, soaring melodies from different sides of the music spectrum could be heard from the catalogs of alternative metal act Salamin and math-rock quartet AOUI. He has also worked as a session guitarist for UDD, Gary Valenciano, Kiana, Kjwan, and more.

"Funny story, I got a Claymore-7 from Neko Guitars in 2015 and absolutely loved it! In late 2021, I came across GOC and got attracted to the Ren model instantly. I'd always wanted to try a headless guitar, so I got one from them. When I got to talk to the guys from GOC, I found out that they were called Neko Guitars before! This means something right? I got attracted to the same guitar company (albeit, with different names now) and acquired two literally different types of guitars. So far, I'm loving my Ren guitar! Maybe one day I could get my own signature model, wink wink!"

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