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Stoyan “Tennko” Orsov

Ophan - Guitarist/ Vocalist/ Composer (Bulgaria)

Tennko is the guitarist and back vocalist for the progressive metal band “Ophan”.
He’s had a passion for music and sound since an early age. Starting from classical guitar and taking up every instrument he could get his hands on, Tennko hasn’t had a single day deprived of music. He is a qualified sound engineer who has worked with many big names such as Opeth, Katatonia, Udo and more. Now he earns a living making sound design for video games and live sound. Tennko is now working on his first solo project.
“I had been looking for an ergonomic guitar for quite a while. I’ve played many instrumen,ts and every single one had some issue that made me want to not engage with it. I need to be comfortable while playing and know that my instrument is working with and not against me. I took a chance ordering a GOC Vajra 8 only having heard a bit about the brand and not having the chance to play one. The moment I took it out of the box I was stunned. This was the most comfortable guitar I had ever touched. The profile of the neck is otherworldly, the body fits mine perfectly. After I fell in love with my Vajra I started to read more about the brand and seeing that they are pushing to build instruments out of recycled materials just made me fall in love with them too. I fully support the values GOC represents and love the example they are setting by developing a business model revolving around sustainability. The Community surrounding this brand is outstanding and the support you get is second to none. GOC is one big family that I’m proud to be a part of.” - Tennko

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