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GOC Guitars was founded in the USA by Neko Guitars, it was meant for the future custom shop models, till late 2017 we acquired the brand and is now functioning with its own banner and models. The models we have are improvements to what we inherit when the brand was acquired. 2018, we moved to Shandong China were a whole town is but factories of musical instruments constructing thousands for big known brands. We are currently the smallest shop yet with 5 highly trained builders experienced building guitars ranging from boutique guitars to even the largest in the guitar industry. In 2019, we now fully dedicate our time and effort to our brand alone, we stopped taking orders from other companies as our time is very limited and that this brand has been growing rapidly thanks to worldwide support. We strive to provide eco-friendly, unique-shaped quality guitars with cutting edge specifications. Prices are very competitive since we offer products directly to people, we do not have distributors or retailers (I have no idea if we will), no paid ads. We would rather use the funds on getting quality musical grade timbers for us to work on. We have experience working with well-known guitar and guitar parts manufacturers across the globe. 

Pan and the GOC Team

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