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Absolutely beautifully made masterpiece. This no joke feels like a very high tier instrument, for the price I believe soon there won’t be anyone matching these lads<3 - Jose M

This guitar is absolutely Incredible. The routing job is on point absolutely no QC issues at all. I highly recommend this guitars!!! - Matt H.


Honestly I couldn't be happier. The guitar itself is gorgeous, the finish was perfect, I've always been into natural wood looks but having some splashes of color was a nice touch. Love the way the pickups sound and even though I am not a fan of active pickups, I love that there is a battery slot included if I decided to make the jump. I'm not a huge fan of the lampshade style knob but it wasn't as distracting as I thought it was going to be. I picked up a Vajra 8 string a while back and it wowed me enough to go in on 2 more Vajras to have the 6, 7 and 8 lineup. The new AONeck is pretty interesting, I thought that it would take some adjusting to at first, but honestly after playing the thing for a few days it really didn't take adjusting to at all and I don't really notice it changing my playing at all. Tuning stability has been excellent as well and I haven't even gotten my preferred strings on it yet.- Seth J.


I'm absolutely in love with this GOC Materia+ I just received today from across the world!!! Love the Mappa Burl and the color on this beauty - Kyle B.


Absolutely stellar. One of the most comfortable guitars I've ever touched right out the box -Stoyan O.

Le colis est arrivé dans les délais, sans dommages. Je suis très content de la guitare, très bon rapport qualité prix.
- Agraf B


Es una guitarra increíble!, el acabado y detalles en su fabricando. Supero todas mis expectativas! es mi primera guitarra de esta clase de calidad! - Sebastian P.

A very well-made instrument that feels great to play. The neck is one of the best I’ve ever played and the weight is very well balanced. The frets are perfect with no sharp edges, and the setup out of the box was pretty much exactly how I like it, with low action and no fret buzz. An instrument I can highly recommend! - Stian D.


Очень доволен покупкой! -  Леонид K.

The best and most comfortable guitar I've ever picked up, it's lightweight, ergonomic, and has a stunning design.- ae343933 user

Another great guitar!! Thank you so much GOC - Joshua C


Шикарная гитара, качество сборки и звук на высоте! - Egor G.

Elle est magnifique et est un plaisir à jouer. Aucun regret. -Benjamin R.

When this guitar arrived, I was positively shocked by the built quality. It is pretty much flawless, on par with guitars much more expensive. The setup is rather good out of the box. The only small gripe is sharp edges on the nut, which can be of course fixed with nail file in matter of seconds. The weakest part are pickups, they are pretty muddy to my taste. But since there is also battery comparment, they knew people will upgrade these asap. All in all, I am happy camper - Pavol M.

The best and most comfortable guitar I've ever picked up, it's lightweight, ergonomic, and has a stunning design -ae343933 user

Eu possuo algumas guitarras, dentre elas um Dean, uma Ibanez e uma Schecter (que era minha preferida até agora), mas desde a chegada dessa GOC se tornou impossível voltar para as outras sem fazer alguma comparação negativa. A GOC tem um conforto que até então eu não tinha experimentado, é inigualável. e a versatilidade dos captadores é absurda. Eu sabia que estava comprando um instrumento de excelência, mas ainda assim superou as minhas expectativas.- Rafael A.


This is freaking awesome guitar! If GOC had come up with such a comfortable neck 2 years ago, I would've bought it instead of my two Sxxxx for sure... The quality exceeded my expectations! Looking forward to new batches to buy a couple of guitars more. - Oleg U.

GOC Guitars makes amazing instruments and this one is no exception to that rule. I love the almost non existent body and how light it feels in my hands, and how much the ergonomics lends itself to playability and tone. Another happy purchase from GOC Guitars and I'll be looking forward to the next batch they release!! - USS.


Датчики заводятся, потенциометры шуршат. Ничего критичного. Цвет фантастика, в руках держишь как буд-то из металла гитара! В принципе пока доволен. Возможно лады и мензура не моё. На праздниках протестирую! Всем метал! \м/ - Alexey R.


Beautiful guitar, very quick shipping with excellent tracking! Plays like a dream!- Paul S.


My first 8 string, multiscale, and also headless guitar! I am so happy with it, very comfortable to play, amazing sounding and gorgeous to see in person - Dave L.


Es hermosa en todo su esplendor- David G.


Очень доволен покупкой! -  Леонид K.

сделана хорошо, звучит отлично -Artemiy B.

This thing arrived today and it is so sick that the CDC is pounding on my door right now. 

So, the first GOC I purchased was a Materia 8 from the second run. I think it was the first with the Atlas neck. 

The finish was legitimately terrible, the hardware was questionable and the pickups were mediocre. But oh my god, the neck and fretwork were absolutely astonishing. It played better than my Strandberg (when it would stay in tune) and the body just had the lines. I knew there was so much potential in the product if they could get their sh*t together.

And get it together, they did. I’ve never seen a guitar company iterate so purposefully and efficiently. They took all the feedback from their customers and made huge leaps with every new run.

This is my 5th GOC and it is absolutely s tier. The finish is not only innovative and unique but superbly executed. The neck feels sublime, the fretwork is brain-surgeon flawless and it looks like it fell off of a goddamned space ship. 

I haven’t even plugged it in yet and I’m in lust.

I have no doubt this will be a devastating weapon in my arsenal.

Well done, GOC Guitars. Well done.
-Paul A.


After many years... I have finally picked up a @gocguitarsofficial GOC Vajra and good god I am STUNNED at how well this plays. I have named her "bataa-chan" 「バターちゃん」 because she looks and plays like it 🤣🧈. A huge shout out to @snakepitguitars_jb
for getting this guitar to me in the UK. A fantastic guitar seller! 🙏🙏🙏

The Paragon pickups are just friggin' YES for both chugging and soloing. It's the perfect complementary guitar to my other headless with Fishman's. The AO neck is to this date, the most comfortable neck I've ever played. The 'parallel position' on the fanning is incredibly well suited to my playing and the neck finish is lovely and smooth.

The bridge tuners... with those pick grooves... pure GENIUS. The body shape... just beautfiul... and ergonmic. The guitar sits in my lap nicely and the top horn hugs my chest really well when sitting down. Ergonomic and sounds a beast.

I remember spotting the Vajra on nekoguitars many years ago and to see that the GOC luthiers have honed and crafted this guitar into a masterpiece makes me very proud to own this instrument.

I often make a lot of functional mods to my guitars but in my opinion, out the box, this guitar does not need it.

... maybe a small paint job to make it matt white. 😝

@gocguitarsofficial thank you so much for my first GOC, likely of many. - Jero11

Great service and attention, very fast shipping, and I'm VERY surprised by the quality of the instrument! I've seen some models from other famous brands that cost twice as much and are not as good!
- 4897 user


Excelente compra, esta nueva GOC, es la segunda que compro y la verdad que me impresionó mucho la mejora del diseño y construcción. las nuevas pastillas son excelentes! Gran valor por el precio, las recomiendo.- Midgard D.


This is my third GOC guitar. Each one is slightly better in some way than the previous one. Every iteration GOC makes gets better and better and better. Their support is top-notch, and they always answered my questions quickly. The instruments they make stir a passion in me to keep making music. I know that sounds cheesy but it is true. They hands down have some of the best "ethos" of any company out there. Thank you GOC for being amazing and for always making things better. - Rob W.


Шикарный инструмент! Отлично собран, хорошо звучит. Долго ехал, но вины продавца здесь нет. Всё было хорошо упаковано и приехало в целости и сохраннности. - Dimitry K.

This new Vajra is amazing!! This is my second Goc guitar I’ve ever owned. It feels and looks much better than the last one I had. Highly recommended!! -Masaya S.

This Guitar is one answer of the headless guitar. I bought illumina 7 tundra. I’m very satisfied. Because This guitar is highly qualified I need. -Sound- Amazing! Paragon PU is super tight and bright. This PU made for hi gain player’s. I think these PU comparable like BKP or SD. -Usability- Really good! Especially AO Neck is extremely smooth to play.There is combination of V and D shapes. You think just alike Strandberg. But there is absolutely different. AO neck is easier than Strandberg(I have boden8). And this series has Micarta neck and richlite fretboard. This is nothing problem to change from wood. Neck feeling is alike satin finish.Very smooth and comfortable, and there have great looks like gorgeous wood. -Buy or Not- If you consider to buy or not. I think you should buy this guitar. My opinion, I never regret about this guitar. Sound,Design,Usability,GOC beyond my except!! - 多部田 光司

Absolutely stunning guitar!!! Plays beautifully and sounds amazing. Will definitely be grabbing a few more of these in the near future. If you're looking to pick up one of these don't hesitate. - Jeremy F.

This guitar leaves a lot to compete for. Having owned other headless 8 string guitars at this price point, I can easily say this is the best you will get. - David S.

This has turned out to be one of the best guitars I have ever owned. Definitely the best 8 string and considering I have owned high-end custom shops, that says something. The neck feels incredible. I have always struggled with 8 strings because of their thick and wide necks but this design is very comfortable and definitely helps to alleviate a lot of the struggles I had with playing 8 strings. Furthermore, the build quality and sound are superb! My only gripe which is really more of a preference is that I wish the pickup routes were designed with passives in mind but that's just what I prefer. Guitar is perfect aside from that. - Raincarter


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