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Recycled Paper / Composites (RPC)

Our belief in what makes a good guitar starts from the idea that a material must have the quality needed to perform as intended and within the scope of the brand's culture. Paper-based composites used on our guitars mainly on fretboards have the capacity to surpass any available natural wood material known to man. This material has been tested over and has shown great results from snappy resonance, hardness, warp and humidity resistance tests.

These materials can range from light to dark brown up to black in color. Lighter shade may have some spots due to the veneer that is used during the process but those are unavoidable and should not be felt nor affect your playability. RPC can replace high-valued endangered wood species used in the current market. We as a brand aim to apply all this superior  eco-friendly technology to our guitars to better serve the guitarists and bassist community of the world.

Note: Expect random lighter pigments on some parts of the material, these cannot be prevented and are completely normal with these types of products. It also does not affect the overall stability.

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