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Here in GOC Guitars, we always find ways to give back to those who supports us, without the amazing support, we will not be here. So we come up on something to make sure people, our buyers understands how thankful we are for having them. 

Each guitar sold; your name gets recorded in our system. Each 100 confirmed buyers, we giveaway a free guitar to show our appreciation. Here are the 2 simple steps to make sure you are part of the program. 

3G Rules:
1. Buy a guitar! One guitar purchase = 1 ticket (e.g. Buy 2 guitars = 2 tickets)

2. After inspecting the guitar, Login to your Ebay or Aliexpress account and CONFIRM that you have received the instrument and leave a feedback! (If you do not confirm means you do not want to participate; Paypal payments skip this step).

3. You are DONE!

Raffle starts once we have confirmed 100 guitars sold yet only buyers who completed the 3G rule will get to join. Raffle is the only way to acquire
unique models from the GOC Konzept.


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