AONeck™ Asymmetrical Profile

AONeck™ pronounced as /ˈīˌänek/ simply means All Or Nothing, is a neck profile that has been developed back in 2013 with the sole purpose of giving the guitarist freedom to adapt and change the way they wield the neck in different situations with ease. 

This multi-shaped profile has been carefully studied and developed based on different genres of music and playing styles.
AONeck™ are CNC machined delivering combination of comfort-proven profiles such as Modern D, and the Ergo V with accuracy. This intelligent design is balanced and does not require increased center thickness making it adaptable and easily playable.

Modern D - for classic players who like the subtle shoulder for thumb rest while having a full grip to enhance control and bends.  This flat-centered profile aids soloists and technical players who find balance and longer reach by placing their thumb at the center of the neck.


Ergo V - This profile is applied to work in tandem with the Mod-D flat center. The shape itself has reduced the surface area which results in accuracy, and freedom of movement for better performance.

Note: this neck profile design is patent-pending