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Jason Hyde

Guitarist/Composer (Divine Martyr - USA)

He has played guitar for nearly 30 years, and has been playing extended range (primarily 7 string) since 1998. In 2018 he acquired his first headless guitar, and from then on was sold on both the aesthetic and the ergonomic advantages of the headless design. His new custom “DM” 8 string is the culmination of many months of consulting with GOC, and represents everything he loves about GOC’s instruments.

Jason has a background that consists mainly of various forms of metal, which was the original basis for picking up the guitar, but over time he has also come to love and appreciate all forms of orchestrated music, with a particular concentration on modern film scores. Among his favorite composers are Hans Zimmer (Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean), Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings, Twilight), John Williams (Star Wars, Jaws), and Max Richter (Ad Astra, Black Mirror). Among the more classical composers, Vivaldi has always been a standout.
Some of his favorite artists include Cynic, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Opeth, Yvette Young, Ne Obliviscarus, and My Dying Bride, and among his favorite guitarists are Alex Skolnick, James Murphy, John Petrucci, Paul Masvidal, and Yvette Young.

Jason is a husband and father of four, and in his spare time enjoys creating original art (especially comic-
style illustrations) as well as watching films with his wife.

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