Cody Betz

Guitarist/Composer (Zephyria - USA)

Forged of the wild mountains and infinite winter that is Montana, Cody is the lead guitar player/composer for progressive metal band Zephyria. He walks these mean streets every day juggling brutality and melody like chainsaws.

Be it a 6, 7, or 8 string guitar, just hand it off and he will find a way to shred on it. Legend has it when he isn't writing for his band, or doing mind bending covers to further his skills, he is locked away in a castle modifying and customizing his guitars like some sort of mad scientist.

"After playing for 14 years, I knew I found the brand for me with GOC. The playability, quality, and tones I get from these instruments speak directly to my soul, and moreover the brands customer service has been EXCELLENT. They continually improve their instruments while maintaining affordability, and they continuously show love to the musicians who support them. I couldn't ask for anything more in a company I chose to stand behind" -Cody

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