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satya TR

A strikingly designed single cut-away that surpasses some of the modern features in the guitar world. These are equipped with ZSR TR dual synchronized fulcrums made with industry-standard stainless steel for lasting durability and sustain.   

Wood: Northern American ash
Profile: Ergo
Finish: Relic Thin-skin

Switch: 3 way switch
Potentiometer: Volume / Tone
Jack: Cylinder
Pickups: Paragon 2.0 Alnico calibrated set
Bridge: ZSR01

Tremolo: ZSR01-TR (stainless steel)
Tremolo Block: Upgraded M35 Tremo-Blok
Battery Compartment: 9V active pickup ready
Pickguard: Included (uninstalled)

Scales: 6: 25 - 26" 
Neck: Micarta
Neck Shape: AONeck™
1st Fret Thickness: 20mm
12 Fret Thickness: 21mm
Fretboard: GOC RPC
Fretboard Radius: 16"
Inlay: Hollow-point dots
Side dots: IGN8 - L (made in u.s.a.)
Truss Rod: 2-way trussrod w/ 2 carbon fiber rods
Frets: MJ stainless steel 24 fretwires
Nut Material: Steel zero fret with SR spacer
Headpiece: GOC Duo-Lok™ (stainless steel)


Fretboard are made with recycled paper, expect random pigments in the grain. these are part of its unique characteristics and should not affect playability


Tremolos are to function like synchronized non-locking standard tremolos only

For beginners, when changing strings, make sure to replace strings one at a time, don't remove all the strings at the same time. This will holds the tremolo in place resulting in continuous balance.

Note: Use CTRL + mouse wheel to adjust resolution

What separates us?


Our workflow is based on a made-to-measure system. We are a custom shop team and trained to function as such, but over the years, we have dreamed of pushing "custom shop" models as market standards which led to our decision. Since 2017, we dedicated ourselves to build limited production of finely crafted, uniquely designed modern instruments that aligns with the guitar-building standards of the world.

All our guitars are treated at a custom shop level with utmost respect and attention to details. We do not skimp specifications; we offer an alternative: ridiculously high-quality instruments at honest sustainable prices for the world to enjoy. GOC Guitars is all about delivering instruments anyone will be proud to have or regret not having. 
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